October 3, 2010

fakTa of BooKS


Just dismiss from IM 401's class.. So.. cool.. Rilex... Nothim special happen today.. But Aina is still Aina.. Olwez stress with all the esaimensss.... Dunno why.. Kalau tgk bkn ssh pon.. But the info.. I didn't get any info yet! Oh, GOD!! Help me!!

To be surprised.... Esok gonna have a Quiz!! 
i'm not even ready for it... 
chpter 6 to 8.. 
Help me!!!! 

Now, really feel like crazy.. Feel like stop study and just married.. hahahah.. WTH am I talking about!!! Bukan x dpt follow all the subjects but the main point here is I HATE READING BOOKS!!!! Fullstop!! Am I taking the rite path??? Oh, NO!!!....

please.. make me fall in love with you..

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