September 29, 2010



hari nie kls x pack sgt.. tapi, still ade byk keje nk disiapkn..

just wanna tell a stry about my presentation yesterday.. 

absolutely SUCK!!

olwez kna banned la sepnjng presentation. buknnya audience x phm tp saje je actually tue.. 
sume da ade dlm buku... huh!!! sengaja.. 
sooo... disgusting!!!
just wanna highlite one of the boys... 
i noe dat he is tooo good in Islamic Edu. 
his face???
olwez x puas haty.. ade je x phm..

tlg la.. everythng in d textbooks okeh... bukak n bace la.. even lecturer da ajar... so.. x kn x phm lgi.. ur knwledge is too high... so.. jgn la nk tnya terlalu specific... we just noe dat.. we just explain everythng dat we got from textbooks.. okeh.. ade paham??

okeh.. got to go... have a class... chow chin chow!!!!

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